The History of Plumbing

The History of Plumbing

Plumbing. It’s the kind of everyday function that you don’t really spend much time thinking about, but at the same time it is also the kind of everyday function that you absolutely could NOT live without in most cases!

We have all become so accustomed to the benefits and privileges of great quality plumbing that we absolutely take it for granted, but have you ever taken a second to think about how far back the roots of the innovation actually go? 

Here at North Coast Plumbing, we are a plumber in Lismore that likes to educate our clients at the same time as fixing all of their problems. With that in mind, here are some facts about the origins of plumbing as we know it!

  • The very first plumbing systems were invented among the Indus Valley civilizations in 2600 BC. Remains show that there were wells, bathing areas and even drains in the floors, with some examples of septic tank-like structures that we still have today!
  • Fast forward to 600 BC and the water systems in Babylon were very reminiscent of more modern achievements. The palace of King Nebuchadnezzar II had separate bathrooms with complex drains and latrines with raised seats that were connected to a covered sewer system.
  • The first flushable toilet as we might recognise one was invented in 1596 by John Harington, who presented it as a gift to Elizabeth 1st.
  • In 1664, Louis XIV of France was the first to order main plumbing lines of cast iron to be constructed across major cities.
  • The first recognisable shower was developed in 1810 in Regency era England. It was initially regarded as a novelty among the rich, but soon became a more accessible form of bathing.
  • The White House finally installed indoor plumbing in 1833, although the upper floors didn’t have any until two decades later!
  • It wasn’t until 1911 that the Kohler Company innovated what we still regard to be the traditional one piece bathtub design, along with toilets and wash basins that complete the set of a ‘standard’ bathroom to this day.

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