How Hiring a Gas Fitter Will Protect You and Your Business in Lismore

How Hiring a Gas Fitter Will Protect You and Your Business in Lismore

If you have gas fuelled appliances in your business, then they need to be safe. Gas can be dangerous and you have to take safety first. Gas fitters in Lismore know a thing or two about that. If you use gas to cook, heat water, or as a general heating system, it has to be installed correctly.

Burst or leaking water pipes can be a nuisance and cause damage in a variety of ways, but gas fixtures have the potential to be much worse. Leaking gas can cause an explosion or slowly poison people.

For that reason, we at North Coast Plumbing would like to tell you how hiring a gas fitter will protect you and your business in Lismore. 

Gas Fitter

There are plumbers and there are plumbers. Most plumbers know how to fit gas piping, but in actual fact, gas fitting is a specialised field within plumbing.

If you want a gas fitter in Lismore, you will need one that has been trained, passed qualifications, and is licensed to work on gas installations and repairs. 

Safety First

Never be afraid to ask for documentation because that distinguishes between an ordinary plumber and one that has been trained to deal with all aspects of gas fitting. 


A gas fitter should be able to read plans and adhere to specifications. They will know how to measure up correctly before installing any appliance. If they can’t, then you need another plumber.

A qualified gas fitter will follow guidelines and regulations to ensure the safety of you, your employees, and your clients.

Gas Fuelled Systems

Whether or not you are installing a gas fired system in a new build or converting to gas, your gas fitter will know how to install piping correctly, flush and clear pipes before connection, how to detect leaks within an existing pipe system, and how to mend them correctly without any danger to you or anybody else.

Peace of Mind

These are just a few pointers to reassure you on the way a qualified and licensed gas fitter in Lismore will protect you and your business from potential harm. We at North Coast Plumbing take all those points very seriously. Installing and repairing gas fired appliances can be a tricky business, of which we are fully aware.

So, if you have any gas installation to be done, call us, the experts and put your mind to rest.