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Gas Fixture Installation

One of the most important jobs that a gas fitter does is installation. That includes installing gas pipes, gas detection systems and pressure regulating systems.

Our gas fitters can also install any of your gas appliances and the equipment that goes with them, as well as being able to install gas appliance flues.

Installation is a job best left to the professionals so let us help you get the job done. 

Testing Gas Systems

We can also test your gas systems to be sure they are functioning properly and aren’t causing any dangerous concerns in your home. 

Before installing gas appliances, your gas fitter will test the pipe work to be sure it’s in good shape and can handle having the appliances hooked up to it. This is very important when you move into a new home or if you decide to convert to gas.


An important part of using a gas system is maintaining it properly. We can help with that too. Our experts will inspect your gas appliances and help maintain the equipment and pipes used to operate them.

Proper maintenance is vital for the operation of your gas system, but also for you and your family’s safety so be sure you follow manufacturer directions for maintaining all of your gas appliances.

Advice and Tips

Our experts are well trained and experienced so you can turn to us with questions and to seek advice on your gas system. You can also talk to us about converting to a gas system. 

We can help you decide if it’s a good option for your home as well as offering advice for operating current gas appliances and tips for maintaining your gas system so it always works as it should.