Blocked Drains

Blockages in your sewage? Need your drain cleared?


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Advantages of a Camera Inspection

When we attend a blocked drain job, we frequently carry out a camera inspection of the affected pipework. This involves inserting a cable-mounted camera into the pipe. The camera films as it passes through the pipe, providing visual information on the pipe’s interior. Armed with this data, our team are able to quickly work out where in the pipe the blockage is located, as well as ascertain what type of blockage it is. Not only does camera data enable us to choose the most appropriate method to clear the blockage, it also provides a number of other benefits. 

These include:

Giving information on the overall condition of your drainage pipe’s interior. If you have an older pipe or one that’s been subject to wear and tear, this will show up in the video information. To minimise the risk of repeat blockages, we may recommend relining or replacing that section of pipe.

Providing data on the pipe’s width, gradient and position of joints. Over time, slight changes in the landscape can mean that a pipe’s gradient is altered. This may be all that’s needed to reduce flow enough to cause detritus deposition, creating blockages.

Checking for tree roots: it’s surprising how often we see a tree root that’s begun to grow into a pipe whilst we’re investigating a blockage from another cause. The video enables us to detect this problem early, allowing us to suggest preventative action that will lessen the chances of a major tree root problem in the future.

How to Prevent Blocked Drains

Nobody wants to suffer the annoyance and unpleasantness that a stubborn blocked drain can cause. Follow our straight-forward tips to protect your pipes from unwanted blockages:

  • Only pee, poo and paper should go down your toilet. All other items should be disposed of in the bin.

  • If your household includes children, be mindful of the fact that we attend many blocked drain issues each year that are caused by toys, bars of soap or otherwise unsuitable items being flushed down the toilet by children!

  • Do NOT tip fat, grease, oil or lard down your kitchen sink.

  • Use a trap to catch particles of food, hair strands and similar debris before it goes down the plughole.

  • If you live in a hard water area, we recommend that you consider installing a water softener to remove minerals.

  • For homeowners who have trees growing close to their property, it may be worth considering a camera inspection as a precautionary measure, to check for root incursion into drainage pipes.

  • Regularly completing basic drain maintenance can make all the difference: vinegar or bicarb, along with a kettle full of hot water, washed down the sink periodically, can be enough to reduce the beginnings of a fat build-up, for example.
  • Blocked Drains FAQ's

    North Coast Plumbing not only services blocked drains in Ballina, but also all over the Northern Rivers. This includes blocked drains in Lismore and Byron Bay!

    There are some common symptoms of blocked drains that appear before damage becomes too bad. This includes foul smells emitting from the drain, slow drainage, and gurgling noises. Sometimes these symptoms don’t appear or aren’t actioned quickly enough.

    This can lead to more severe consequences of blocked drains, like water damage to your flooring and structural foundation and pest and mold attraction. To prevent damage to your home, make sure your maintaining your drains properly.

    Blocked drains can have many causes, any often times they are due to common household rituals. Flushing the wrong things down the drain like oil and grease, human and pet hair, food waste, and small objects all impact the quality of draining.

    Other times, nature is to blame for blocked drains. Tree roots can grow quickly and obstruct water flow. Identifying, assessing, and clearing blocked drains can be a complex problem. Make sure to always call a professional to prevent more damage. For more examples of common causes of blocked drains, read our blog post!